Getting comfortable with forums

I say this many times, one of the best ways of networking is through forums. I’ve just been on 3 threads from digitalpoint, and ended up visiting 5 different websites. This happens to me also as when I’m posting on these threads, I get people visiting my site and this blog that they get from my signature.

Does it need to be a freelancer forum?

No it doesn’t. Event though it does help if one of the forums was a freelancer/startup/web dev forum as you will learn a lot from people and people are always more than willing to help out. I tend to be on atleast 4 forums a day and each of them is different from the other.

The forums I’m mostly active on

One for example is blenderartists which I mostly talk about 3D animation and game development. I’m also on gamedev which is great for game development and programming. Digitalpoint is great for web development/design, marketing and SEO. IndieTalk for indie movie development and also ytalk for youtubers. There are more forums that I’m active in but these are the main ones I’m at.

As you can see, each of them is different from the other. Examples of ones you could find are:

  • cooking
  • building
  • electronics
  • sewing
  • mums
  • single parents

These are just some ideas you could search for on top of my head.

Staying active

The hardest thing about this is that you have to be motivated to stay active. It is hard because you don’t know which category to get involved in so what I do is that I check out the latest posts and if it is interesting, I will check it out and maybe contribute.


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