keeping your workstation simple

Avoiding the clutter

My laptop has always been cluttered with useless things and this makes it every hard for me to work as I’m not able to load up or find the correct stuff that I need to start working or that the laptop is running to slow for me to work on.

I’ve decided to format and reset everything and have a new set-up that will allow me to work with confidence and also efficiently.

Laptop/Desktop Set-up

I have a HP laptop that came with window 7 which I have reinstalled. With HP, it comes with its own software which could make the computer really slow. I’m only keeping the things that I need so I’ve removed most of the HP software that came with it.

I split my hard drive in two, (Not literally) but I decided to have windows installed on one and on the other, I have all of my files. I’ve got Google Drive and Dropbox installed with all of my stuff.

I tried not to have many software and applications installed. Since most of my time is between web design & development and android development, I’ve only installed software that I need.

  • Sublime Text 2
  • Inkscape
  • Gimp
  • Xampp
  • Android Studio
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs

I will probably be installing more later on but I will try and keep my drive as clean as possible.


Browser and Bookmarks

I find myself on the internet whether I’m working or not so I think having a good fast browser will be great. I personally use Google Chrome and I have the home button and the bookmarks showing. I bookmark most of the sites that I find myself visiting often such as facebook, twitter, and Mashable and forums like blenderartists, digitalpoint etc.. I also have folders for sites that I don’t go on very often but still find useful every now and again

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