Using your time as a freelancer

As you are starting out as a freelancer, you will find yourself waiting for clients to come or trying to get clients yourself. Of course, just waiting for clients is most likely not going to work and finding clients is very hard, especially if you haven’t had previous work to show.

Practice and Expand your Knowledge

Just doing nothing and waiting for clients is not a good idea. One thing you can do is practice more and learn new things. If you are a web developer, you probably already do some designing but you can always try and expand your knowledge. There are always new tricks you can learn and I will list a few on here:

  • Responsive Design
  • Colour scheming
  • Spacing
  • Animation
  • Video editing
  • music production

I know that some of these maybe irrelevant to web design and development, but as a freelancer, you are able to expand in more territories and may gain access to customer you never thought you could get.

Do stuff for free

This could be a good or a bad point. On one hand, doing things for free will never pay the bills but until you have something to show to your future clients, you might not get any.

So maybe do a friend a favour and in return, you get to put it on your portfolio and also you might get a favour returned back since they owe them one.

Another thing you could do is creating themes and plugins for free. If enough people use them, first of all, you will get a link back to your site on the footer. Secondly, your name will be out there and you have something to show for your work.

Social Media and Getting Connected

The third thing you could do, is be connected and active in social media and on forums. I believe that forums are the best place to gain more attention when it comes to a freelancer. In forums you will find people that have the same interest as you and also people that come to find someone to do a project for them for maybe a cheaper price.

Social media such as twitter and facebook will also help since someone, maybe in your friends or family or even a friend of a friend, would want a site done, they will know who to contact since they already know you.

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