Welcome To my New Blog

About this blog

I have taken a break from posting on my previous blog which you can find here. I decided to start a new blog because I wanted to write in more of a uniform way instead of random posts on the old blog.

This blog will be focused on start-ups. focusing on programming, art & design and Business & Marketing, everything you need for a start-up. I will try my best to update it as often as I can and also post about any projects I am working on.

The articles I’ll be writing, will hopefully be interesting and I will try and not bore you or post irrelevant stuff on here. (I mean that’s what I have twitter for)

.. And a little about me

I’m Shems. Hi. I’ve been programming for a while now and I’m currently studying at university. I’ve also had (and still have), an interest in Art and Business since I was young. I’ve wanted to be an animator before I started programming and I still do that as a hobby (though I’m very good at it).

I’ve always wanted to have a career in programming. Whether it is web development, application development or software development, I don’t mind.

I’ve been working on a few projects lately. Some you may see later on.

I’m a freelancer so if you are reading this blog and want a web designer/developer or just a “Guy who’s good with computer”, contact me.

You can also follow me on the social networks above if you want to be kept updated with what I do.

Have fun browsing (when I get around to writing more things) and subscribe to keep up with ‘us!

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